We live on a hill in Australia and I like to go out walking at night. One night I was out walking, having a time with the Lord when I looked into the night sky and saw some lights moving through the clouds. I thought “Oh my! It must be the Australian Air Force and they’re all flying!’ There were so many of them! I was so fascinated, I just kept watching. After a little while it dawned on me. They weren’t planes moving at all … they were just stars! What was moving were the clouds!

The movement of those clouds gave the illusion that the stars were moving when actually it was the opposite. The stars were stationary and it was the clouds that were moving.

If you need something to navigate by, you don’t navigate by clouds; they move! You navigate by something that will never move. I thought of Jesus. Even more than the North Star that has a fixed position, Jesus will never move.

Sometimes situations in your life will pass by and give an illusion that maybe He has changed, or His promises to you have changed. But let me tell you… Jesus never changes! If you keep looking to the One who cannot change, to the things that are Eternal, then the Eternal things will begin to direct your life.

When you pray and touch God, there is certain to be change. There’ll be change in you, change in your surroundings, even change in the things that God directs you to pray for. If situations aren’t in line with the Word, there is supposed to be change and thank God that there can be change!

The Lord told me one time that the guarantee that you can change is that He cannot change! I am so thankful that I can change, that my situation and circumstances can change and that God will never change!