Tony and I and our two daughters lived on the island of Singapore for four years. On occasion we would take a cable car to a smaller island called Sentosa. The cable car travels along a strong cable which is securely fastened high above the ground between two grand towers; one in Singapore and the other on Sentosa.

This scene illustrates something of eternal significance for me. There are two major events on God’s calendar which give Christians purpose and direction for their lives. One is the First Coming of Jesus and the other is the Second Coming of Jesus

When we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour our lives, pictured by the cable, are lifted up from the ground and fastened to the first tower – the first coming of Jesus and the redemptive work for which He came. But without the second tower to attach to the cable of our lives begins to go downward and we live only for the here and now.

The Second tower is the Second coming of Jesus. The purpose of our lives must be fastened and suspended between the consciousnesses of these two events. Having our lives firmly secured to both of these towers gives us a strong starting point, but also a definite and glorious finish. Knowing where we are headed affects everything in your life on a daily basis.

This Christmas, as you rejoice in Jesus’ first coming, remember that He is coming again. Fix your sights on that event and your whole life will have renewed purpose and a glorious destination!

Jesus is coming again!

Revelation 22:20 Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.