Judges 2:10  That whole generation also died, and the next generation forgot the LORD and what he had done for Israel.


This year is going to be a year of great opportunity but great opportunities also mean a great challenge.

If you walk with God however, those challenges and impossibilities are the making s of a miracle.

Every generation needs to know that our God is a God of miracles. If this truth ever gets lost, then we don’t ever really know God.

Our God can show off and one of the things He shows off on is a platform of impossibility.

Impossibilities don’t scare God – He works with impossibilities!

In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel were commanded to tell their testimony to the next generation.  Your testimony will prepare the next generation for a real relationship with a real God. They will be inspired and provoked by testimonies of what God has done in the past and what He wants to do in the future.

Testimonies will raise a generation’s expectation in the Lord that if it happened once, it can happen again. Without this expectation in God, the spirit of this world begins to settle and we look more and more to the world for our help, our encouragement and our source.

Your testimony is important not only for your life but is an important ingredient for the next generation.

Let’s not get tired of our testimony – what God did for you He will do for another.

Our God is a supernatural God and He has moved supernaturally on countless people – healing, restoration, and deliverance and simply to change them from being an ugly person.

Those testimonies of what He has done in the past become seed for a harvest of what He wants to do in the future.

Somebody wants to hear what God has done for you; somebody needs to hear of what God can do.

Your life is a personal trophy of the work of God. Go ahead and tell somebody!