Tony is very diligent to lock doors before we leave the house. That’s because we have some things of value in our house. You set guards on the entrances and access points to your house, so that if someone tries to come in uninvited, you have made every effort to prevent them coming in. If a thief comes in your house, they will take something of great value, not just a box of Kleenexes!

Your heart is the centre of your being and it has amazing value. You have to guard it!

The devil will try to steal things of value in your heart and that will affect all the issues of your life. You have to prevent him from having access into your heart.

You can’t say to a thief “Come right on in but don’t take anything!”  No, the thief comes to rob and steal. He comes to take what is of greatest value. That’s his job description!

Proverbs says that we must guard our heart. How do we do that? You guard your heart the same way you guard your house – you guard the access or entry points!

What you look at, what you listen to, and what you speak are all entrances to your heart. Everything that enters through these access points will affect your heart. What issues from your life is an indication of what has come into your heart. And the outflow from your heart affects every issue of your life.

You must be very picky about what comes into your life. Be very picky about what you look at, what you listen to and what you even allow to come out of your mouth. You have to guard your heart, for out of it flow all the issues of life.

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow all the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23