Good Friday – it’s a title that appears to contradict what actually happened on that day. That Friday was anything but good for Jesus.

Jesus suffered torment in the Garden, was betrayed and denied by His friends, abandoned by His followers, scourged and beaten and burdened with the cross. He was counted among criminals and carried the weight of the sin of the world. But worst of all, He was separated from His Father just before He died. How could such a hideous experience be called in any way ‘good’?

Then take a look at the day ‘Friday’. In the Jewish calendar, Friday was the 6th day of the week; the day before the Sabbath. In God’s work of creation in the beginning, man was created on the 6th day. It was the day before God rested from His work – the work of Creation.

On Good Friday – the 6th Day – man was recreated by the work that Jesus did – the work of Salvation. Then, after He said “it is finished”, He rested. His work was done and He rested completely in God’s ability to raise Him from the dead. And He was not disappointed; He was raised!

Maybe you need the same life-giving resurrection power of God to be in your life. You may know that it is available and are striving to do all you know to have it manifest in your life.

You know you need faith and you know that faith is a rest. Hebrews says that we are to labour to get into the rest, but whose labour is it?

We labour to enter God’s rest by going through Jesus’ labour. What He did was all that was needed for our total redemption and salvation.  In order for us to experience the resurrection power of God in our lives we must rest in what He did.

That makes Good Friday the best work day in the history of mankind. God has the power, Jesus did the work, we simply rest in that.

May this Easter be a time of great rest for you. May you too, know the resurrection power of God in your life and you can celebrate that every day!

Isaiah 53:11  Out of the suffering of his soul he will see light and find satisfaction. And through his knowledge his servant, the righteous one, will make many righteous, and he will bear their iniquities.