by Patsy Cameneti

When God made man and woman, He made a perfect representation of Himself. As imagers of God, we were made and meant to reflect or mirror Him. Because God is invisible, His intention was for us to be His visible representation.

Everything would have proceeded according to God’s design, and His perfect image would have been multiplied in the earth had it not been for the serpent and his successful temptation to choose against God.

God’s command given to man wasn’t a long list of do’s and don’ts. Adam and Eve could eat freely of every tree, including the Tree of Life, but they were not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But rather than trusting God’s definition of good and evil, Adam and Eve took it upon themselves to make their own definitions.

The serpent deceived Eve into thinking they would be like God if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What a lie about their identity that was!  They already were like God. They were perfect imagers of Him. From the first words of the serpent or the devil, he has always gained mastery over people by using their senses against them, confusing them about their identity.

Through the serpent’s deceptive temptation, man disobeyed that direct command, choosing autonomy from God. Basically, the meaning of sin in both Hebrew and Greek means to disobey and to miss the mark or the bullseye. Your arrow may be completely off the entire target or just a little to the right or the left. Yet, regardless, you miss the bullseye. That’s exactly what sin is.

So, what happened to the image of God in the fall? In the same way your mobile phone or a glass object would fall from a counter and shatter and break into pieces, so did man. Man—a reflection of God and His mirror image—fell from the glory of God and broke. This is what we refer to as the fall—and clearly, there was no bigger fall known to man.

The first Adam through one act of disobedience took a plunge and fell from the glory of God. To understand this better, picture Adam as an elevator. What does that mean? An elevator moves people down and up in a building. There are small elevators that only two or three people can ride. However, there are large elevators that can accommodate a number of people. The “Adam elevator” had the whole human race in him.

When the last Adam—Jesus—came to the earth, He identified with man as a human. He further identified with every sin and every sinner when the Father made Him to be our sin. Through this action, the last Adam, whose spiritual journey began in heaven, went down past the earth all the way to the bottom. He had all of fallen humanity in Him—not only the good and the perfect.  The Father’s plan was not only for Jesus to become man, but also to take sin and the curse for us and to be judged and separated from God because of those sins.

The plan also had an upside. The Father would raise the last Adam – Jesus –  from hell and the grave, past the earth, up, up, until He was seated at the Father’s right hand. God raised Jesus to a place even better than from where the first Adam fell—a place of right-standing and wholeness. Jesus brought people up who could never climb the stairs through being perfect. When Jesus came up, He brought us all the way to the top. Jesus—our Hero and our Elevator—brought us all the way back to our Creator.

As a result of both becoming sin and then being punished by God for our sins, Jesus’ visage that had perfectly imaged the Father all through his life was marred and disfigured. Jesus’ visage was marred so that man and woman can once again image our wonderful Creator as we were intended to do.

Oh what a Wonderful Redeemer!