by Patsy Cameneti

Apart from a person’s spirit, there is nothing more core to his or her identity than their sex. At birth, a baby’s sex is sometimes even more apparent than the baby’s race and is usually the first thing identified—even before eye color and which parents’ hands, nose, and ears the babe has. A person’s age, health, state of mind, personality, talents, education, environment, social standing, and financial status are marks that characterize them. But all of these can fluctuate and none even come close to the way that a person’s sex and gender define their identity.

When a person’s thoughts and feelings don’t portray their sex, it causes a horrible internal conflict, often heightened at puberty. When the body and soul are at odds with each other, there is gender confusion or dysphoria.  It is not surprising that people who suffer the confusion of a body that is one gender, but have feelings and thinking of the other gender, can be so tormented they don’t even want to live. Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced this. Misunderstanding and ignorance in this area opens the door to shame and fear, which are perfect ingredients for the devil to torment and bind a person.

There can be a variety of reasons why a person becomes disoriented regarding the sex he or she was conceived and born as. Many of those reasons are intimate, some even tragic, while for others it is a temporary phase.

To get to the core of this issue we want to delve into God’s original man and woman before the fall—before anything tragic happened. What did the Creator intend for us to look and be like? How can knowing this help?

Personal opinions and experiences may be impacting, but they don’t shine light on the subject.

Psalms 119:130 says that the entrance of God’s Word gives light. The absolute truth that is free from bias and prejudice can only be found in the One who is the Truth and in His words. To experience redemption and reconciliation to God’s original intent, a person must first know what it is and then accept it as truth. Truth confronts but never condemns or binds. It makes a person free.

Sadly, the sinister plan of the devil against God and His image on the earth—male and female worked really well. However, God also had a plan for redemption. As clever as the devil’s plan was, God’s plan to redeem mankind in every way he was damaged was even more brilliant.

Redemption truly means so much more than simply being saved so you go to heaven when you die. Let the scope of redemption include everything that was broken in the fall and everything that required redemption so it can be returned to its original intention. If you can find something in any area of life—spirit, soul, and body—that doesn’t image or represent God, there’s redemption for it. Total redemption!

Second Corinthians 5:17 says all things become new for the one who is a new creation in Christ. Do you suppose God really means all things?

And if so, wouldn’t that include any challenges regarding gender? Yes!

Redemption even includes something as core as any fractured characteristics of our sex and gender as well.

Nothing is too hard for the Blood of Jesus – Nothing is beyond the scope of redemption!