by Patsy Cameneti

God’s creative intention for humans was to make Him visible and tangible through the human He fashioned, both male and female. Yet, questions can arise when what God designed doesn’t seem to match what a person is experiencing. What do you do when what you see about yourself or some­one else doesn’t look like the inChrist person they have been redeemed to be?

To answer that question, let’s first consider an important fact: We look like what we look at. What we choose to talk about, meditate on, and respond to regarding others and ourselves is the road we are choosing to take. Make sure you are on the right road for your destination to be who you are now in Christ Jesus.

The devil wants you to obsess on the negative and identify yourself and others there, because in this way, he keeps the realities your new image to be exclusively how Jesus lived—certainly not you. He will press you to believe old things did not pass away and nothing became new. Of course, that’s a lie, but because negative characteristics are so ugly and glaring, they do tend to captivate your attention. God demonstrated to Abraham a way that faith works to change things that appear to be a way God did not intend.

“17 as the scripture says, “I have made you father of many nations.” So the promise is good in the sight of God, in whom Abraham believed—the God who brings the dead to life and whose command brings into being what did not exist. 18 Abraham believed and hoped, even when there was no reason for hoping, and so became “the father of many nations.” Just as the scripture says, “Your descendants will be as many as the stars.”

Romans 4:17-18(GNT)

We can do this too. If God calls things that do not exist as though they do, you can too. Call inChrist characteristics that seem to be not, as though they already are.

Why? Because in the spirit, they already are! You’re not making some­thing up. Instead, you’re drawing something out that’s in the spirit of a person. Your faith is drawing it out. It’s important that your thinking is in agreement with God according to the realities of who that person is or who you are in Christ. But don’t stop with only thinking right. Jesus taught that faith, even small faith, speaks. Say it in praise, prayer, and declaration, and reflect it in all your conversation. In this way, you can help someone take the wrong stuff off and put the right stuff on.

Abraham continued to believe and hope even when there was no reason to. As a result, he became what God said about him. This will work for you as well.

Don’t waste time scolding, condemning, nagging, getting depressed or discouraged about it.

Drop the rocks!

Instead, remember that God laid on Jesus all of your old, negative characteristics and judged it in Him. Take God’s thought and picture that inChrist characteristic as the real you.