Alpha and Omega

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega and when you drink from Him, you can literally drink the end of the matter. In a receiving pose, you can activate faith for your situation. The end of the matter in Christ Jesus is glorious!


Alpha and OmegaJesus said that He is the Alpha and the Omega ā€“ the beginning and the end. Therefore in Christ Jesus, it is possible to see the glorious end of a matter right from the very beginning.

When situations in your life look as if they were dead, you can be like Sarah and receive the end of the matter right from the beginning. You need the resurrection power of God to raise you and that can only happen when you are in a receiving pose. Even Jesus didnā€™t raise Himself from the dead! He received that resurrection from God!

Some things you will be required to do by faith, but some the things that have been accomplished in Christ we must receive. He wants us to rest in him and receive them. And drink from Jesus ā€“ the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning of your faith and He is the end.


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