Prayer Seeds


This USB contains 31 messages on prayer from knowing God to how to pray for your nation, family and church.

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This USB contains a selection of 31 teachings on prayer that you will not have heard on any other of Patsy’s CDs or DVDs. Areas covered range from knowing God to how to pray for your family, your church and your nation. These messages provide a broad base of sound teaching for any pray-er, prayer group or pastor and cover many aspects of the vital privilege of prayer.

Message titles are:

  1. Let’s Talk –  Knowing God
  2. Let’s Talk – The Word of God
  3. Let’s Talk –  The Ways of God
  4. Let’s Talk –  The Desires of God
  5. A Lamp unto My Feet
  6. What are you Taking In?
  7. Your Body – A House of Prayer
  8. His Presence
  9. His Spirit in Me
  10. Praying with the Love of the Lord
  11. Perpetual Incense
  12. Raising our Expectation
  13. Enlarge Your Tent
  14. Releasing the Rivers
  15. Roots and Fruits
  16. Effective Fervent Prayer
  17. Mining Prayers
  18. Expressions of Reconciliation
  19. Ask God Questions
  20. Persistent Prayer
  21. Plant Seed for the Future
  22. The Glory of God
  23. Filled with God
  24. Citizens of the Kingdom
  25. Declare His Lordship
  26. Kingdom Business
  27. Praying in the Last Days
  28. Old Glory or God’s Glory?
  29. Dominion of God’s Kingdom
  30. Building the Body
  31. Connections in Prayer


By Patsy Cameneti


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