3 Unders to Put You Over


Jesus wants us built up and ready to work, but there are many challenges we face just as Nehemiah did when he was building the wall. Whatever your challenges today, these three “unders” will help put you “over” and into victory.


Jesus made the way for us to be healthy in our own bodies. But even more than that; He wants health in His Body which is the church. The plan of God for the Church – the Body of Christ – is that we remain healthy and ready to build, both individually and corporately.

In a time of prayer some years ago, Patsy heard the word “under”. The Lord told her there were three “unders” that, if put into operation, would help and protect the plan of God for believers both individually and corporately.

This timeless message will help ordinary believers and Pastors alike to build the work of God from a place of victory and assured success just as Nehemiah did when building the wall.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, these three “unders” will help put you “over” and into victory.


Timeless Treasures CD

By Patsy Cameneti


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