Prayer That Prepares The Way


Jesus is coming again! And in order for that to happen, a way must be prepared. Building a highway requires power! Effective, fervent prayer makes God’s power available to accomplish His will. Through this kind of prayer, God’s wisdom and power for all who are in authority can be dispensed so they can fulfil their part in His plan.


In this series you will learn:

  • How essential prayer is in preparing the way of the Lord
  • Bible keys in praying for all in authority
  • That not only does God anoint and use His own people for His purposes, but he uses secular kings and lead as as well.
  • How to exercise your God-delegated dominion when praying for those who have influence and authority.

God has a strategic plan for positioning governments, kings and military leaders in these final hour and the prayers of His saints will put that plan into action.


4 CD series

By Patsy Cameneti


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