Tony Cameneti


Tony’s Bio

Tony Cameneti’s ministry is founded on the truth of the finished, redemptive work of Jesus Christ and His soon return. Tony’s preaching and teaching is straightforward, practical and easy to understand, yet profound in its impact and effect. Healing is a special emphasis in Tony’s ministry and as a Pastor of a growing church, he ministers from a pastoral anointing.

Tony and his wife Patsy live in Brisbane, Australia where they serve as senior pastors of Rhema Family Church and Directors of Rhema Bible Training College, Australia. They have two daughters – Annalisa and Liliana, who is married to Evan Brown.

Tony’s Background

Tony Cameneti and his wife Patsy, live in Brisbane Australia. They are senior Pastors of RHEMA Family Church and serve as Directors of RHEMA Australia and RHEMA Bible Training College Australia.

Tony’s deep desire to go with the message of Jesus’ powerful and comprehensive redeeming work has taken him to minister in over 25 countries. Living and ministering in places of diverse religions, cultures, and church backgrounds has given him an acute awareness that it is only an authentic, unedited Christianity that can transform lives.

He is compelled to help believers find their place in Christ. His ministry emphasises the finished work of Jesus Christ and just how that work can have full expression in the life of every believer. Tony ministers with a strong focus on healing and his teaching simple and doable yet profound in its impact and effect.

Tony was raised in Warren Ohio in and Italian/American family.

Growing up, Tony was a part a band and disco scene with all its trappings and influences until the age of 25. In January of 1979 he was radically born again. He then attended RHEMA Bible Training College and graduated in 1983.

While attending RHEMA, he worked at Kenneth Hagin Ministries and RHEMA Bible Training Center (1981 to 1991). Tony also played bass for RHEMA Singers and Band and managed the group for a season as well.

After marrying Patsy in 1989, Tony and Patsy travelled in itinerant ministry and in 1993 they moved to Italy with newborn Liliana.  It was there that their second daughter Annalisa was born. They lived in Italy for 9 years serving as directors and teachers in Bible Schools and helped with the establishment of Rhema Italy.

In 2002 they served in Singapore as Directors of Rhema Bible Training Centre for four years before the Lord led them on to Australia in 2006. They now base their ministry in Brisbane Australia and even though they maintain some itinerant ministry, Tony is committed to serving as Senior Pastor of Rhema Family Church, Springwood.  They also both are Directors of Rhema Bible Training Centre Australia and Rhema Family Churches Australia.

Liliana who is married to Evan Brown and live in South Carolina. Annalisa is serving in a ministry in Mainland China.